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On JTDX Click FILE then OPEN LOG DIRECTORY. All the assorted log files are there. How to sync the two logbooks is above my pay grade. However, I would caution you to make copies/backups every single stepĀ of the way. IMHO the time keeping accuracy of JTDX logs is abysmal. Good luck. SeventyThree(s).

On 10/15/2021 4:14 PM Bob, W3IDT <w3idt@...> wrote:

OK. Understand.
JTDX maintains its own LOG, but passes info to Logger32.
JTDX colors derived from JTDX log.

So I have a some more contacts in the Logger32 log
than in the JTDX log... I think from some initial use of WSJT.

I can't find the original WSJT (plain and adif) log files to combine
with the current JTDX log to get a complete log.

Is there any way I can go "backwards"?
That is, create a complete JTDX log from the Logger32 log?
(ALL the Logger32 entries - so far - are FT8.)

I've looked at the Logger32 and JTDX manuals and done some googling
with much success. I know, much to learn.

Bob, w3idt

. Robert F. Teitel, W3IDT
. w3idt@...
. w3idt@...

On 10/14/2021 3:57 PM, Bob wrote:
Bob, there are two logs at play - one in JTDX, the other in Logger32. Highlight colors in JTDX are based on what is in the JTDX log. Highlight colors in Logger32 are based on what is in the Logger32 log ... The two logs are not necessarily the same. SeventyThree(s).

On 10/14/2021 3:47 PM Bob, W3IDT <w3idt@...> wrote:

Very pleased with JTDX and Logger32 for the month or so I've been using
them; and with the help I've received from Dave, mm0hvu, and Arvo, es1ja.

I still have one problem which, I think, may be an issue with the
interface between Logger32's LOG and JTDX or, of course, some setting I
have wrong.

Attached ("W3IDT_COLORS.png") is a screen shot of the NOTIFICATIONS
color scheme I have set up in JTDX - dark green for new DXCC (as in GO);
light colors for everything else.

Also attached are two screen shots of Band Activity panel while the
programs are running:
1. "W3IDT_ON.png" shows ON4CQ in dark green - "new DXCC" -
on 15m while OO4U is in the LOG on 15m.
2. "W3IDT_LZ.png" shows the same issue: LZ4TL as "new DXCC" on 40m,
while LZ3CB is in the LOG on 15m.

What might I be doing wrong?

Bob, w3idt

. Robert F. Teitel, W3IDT
. w3idt@...
. w3idt@...

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