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Hello Jan,
Thanks for your comments, would you like to see the refinements added to L32?
P5A was a hypothetical example Hi Hi one I still need.
But HV0A is a genuine call, my example for HV0A are spots for 25th September 2021 VE7CC cluster, not that old.
Of course the SH/DX spots could only be 2 days old but you wouldn't know that when using the DX SPOTS WINDOW.
So regardless of how old the SH/DX spots are, you still need the date in the DX SPOT WINDOW.
I agree it does depend on the saved history data of the DX Cluster, but that really isn't an issue for adding the refinements.
 Make a great logger greater.

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Nr. 3
It all depends on the saved history by the DX cluster you are using.
When I do sh/dx P5A it shows no spots/
The same with HV0A


Op 15-10-2021 om 10:35 schreef G4GIR via
I assume you are in agreement with 1? If you are then you would need the date column to be added, as doing a SH/DX HV0A and then sorting on frequency would mix all the various spots up.
no2.  What use is that, they would be long out of date!!
No they would not  necessarily be out of date. You have a power cut, your PC and or L32 inexplicably shuts down. You've lost all the spots that were showing.
no3. what use is that, aren't they all today’s date?
No, they aren't all todays date, see below. You do a SH/DX HV0A for example when were these spots initiated, E51JD was today, or was it ? if the Date was there I would know.
We all do a SH/DX P5A don't we, up pops 12 entries, did I miss it? If the date was there I wouldn't be wasting time trawling the bands for it. Yes I know the date is shown in the Telnet window, but it would be cleaner if it was shown in the DX Spots window.
 I believe all 4 refinements go hand in hand.
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no2.  What use is that, they would be long out of date!!

no3. what use is that, aren't they all today’s date?



On 15/10/2021 2:42 am, g4girhb0 via wrote:
Is it possible to add a few refinements to the DX SPOTS window?
1. Have the columns able to be sorted by clicking the column headers.
2. Have the DX SPOTS retained in the window after shutting down so when re-starting the spots still show.
3. Add a date column.
4. Add a function to the RIGHT CLICK  menu to delete all spots in the DX SPOTS window.

my dxspider clusters running on a raspberry pi zero:  
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