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Bob, W3IDT

Very pleased with JTDX and Logger32 for the month or so I've been using them; and with the help I've received from Dave, mm0hvu, and Arvo, es1ja.

I still have one problem which, I think, may be an issue with the interface between Logger32's LOG and JTDX or, of course, some setting I have wrong.

Attached ("W3IDT_COLORS.png") is a screen shot of the NOTIFICATIONS color scheme I have set up in JTDX - dark green for new DXCC (as in GO); light colors for everything else.

Also attached are two screen shots of Band Activity panel while the programs are running:
1. "W3IDT_ON.png" shows ON4CQ in dark green - "new DXCC" -
on 15m while OO4U is in the LOG on 15m.
2. "W3IDT_LZ.png" shows the same issue: LZ4TL as "new DXCC" on 40m,
while LZ3CB is in the LOG on 15m.

What might I be doing wrong?

Bob, w3idt

. Robert F. Teitel, W3IDT
. w3idt@comcast.net
. w3idt@arrl.net

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