v4.0.278 auto-update is on-line ...


This is primarily a maintenance release. Several small bugs are fixed.
Eelcraft K4 CAT support is added. It is essentially the same as the K3, but as users find differences between the two they will be added to the K4 support. The K4 CAT commands may use a embedded $ in the command. This interferes with the Logger32 practice of making macros like this $command MaryHadALittleLamb;$ now the K4 may have $command Mary$Had$A$Little$Lamb$;$. This won't work, so if your K4 macro includes embedded $, then replace them with chr(36) and your K4 macro becomes $command Marychr(36)Hadchr(36)Achr(36)Littlechr(36)Lambchr(36);$.
Also, in this version, if you are running JTDX with the JTDX control panel connected, you can click on FT4/8 DX Spots on different bands/modes and the JTDX control panel will QSY JTDX.

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