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OK - thanks for such a picturesque oxymoronic suggestion.

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Od: "Bob" <k4cy@...>
Data: 14.10.2021 15:41:27
Temat: Re: [hamlogger] PowerSDR (as the Radio)

Alec, check out section 35.5 (Page 623) of the help file. With the options avaliable, you should be able to make PowerSDR stand to attention and play Mazurek Dabrowskiego. 73.
On 10/14/2021 9:30 AM Alec SP2EWQ <aleksander.otulak@...> wrote:
Bob (et al),
sure - let's forget and leave the mode matter behind - my mistake...
However, another matter is going SPLIT with PowerSDR.
If a spot contains SPLIT information, then for
DIGI modes:          L32 should turn the XIT ON and set the offset frequency in there
Any other:             L32 should turn the VFOB ON and set its freq according to the spot info.
To me, L32 does neither...
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Od: "Bob" < k4cy@...>
Data: 14.10.2021 14:57:36
Temat: Re: [hamlogger] PowerSDR (as the Radio)
Alec, is this PowerSDR specific, or does it apply to any/all radios? You might want to take a peek at section 2.6.4 (page 39) of the help file. 73.
On 10/14/2021 5:42 AM Alec SP2EWQ < aleksander.otulak@...> wrote:
if clicked on any DIGI (FT8, FT4, PSK, RTTY, etc.) spot,
the PowerSDR should go to DIGU.
If clicked on CW spot,
PowerSDR should preferably go to CWU.
In both cases , 
PowerSDR goes to USB, which is wrong and confusing.
Any help.
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