Paul F6EXV

It is very unlikely F6EXV would be pirated.
When Mount Athos, or any other "rare" DX is pirated, DX bulletins will inform so.

Le 13/10/2021 à 15:11, Alex Dolgosh via a écrit :
Is F6EXV listed on Club Log as a pirate for the dates you don’t operate from home?  How do you notify them?

Just asking for a friend…….

73,  Al - K8EUR

On Oct 13, 2021, at 6:39 AM, Paul F6EXV <f6exv@...> wrote:

 Thzerefore, the exception should be the pitate operations, not the real one !

Le 12/10/2021 à 23:38, Gerald Boutin a écrit :

Clublog provides the service of keeping track of when callsigns are valid. Otherwise, when there are pirates on, users may think they have worked a real station.

I have never worked Mount Athos myself but have worked several pirate stations claiming to be on Mount Athos. My method is to work them first and let Clublog figure out for me whether the QSO was legitimate or not.

Gerald, VE1DT

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