Frequency in the log for SPLIT operations

Fabio IZ8MBW

Hi all.
I have noticed during SPLIT operation that Logger32 is going to put in log the TX frequency and not the RX frequency.
More in detail follow this example:

DX Station is on 21.020, he is listening 2 UP.
So my Radio is on VFO-A at 21.020 (my RX frequency) and SPLIT (my TX frequency) is set to 2 UP and so VFO-B is on 21.022.

When I finish the QSO, the frequency on the Logbook Entry window is 21.020 (so my RX frequency), then I press enter to put the DX Station in log but Logger32 set in the log as frequency the value 21.022 and not 21.020.

I remember that some past versions put in the log the RX frequency, so 21.020.

Why now Logger32 put in the log using the other VFO (it should be the "Sub RX" frequency in the Radio Debug window) and not more the "main" frequency?
Is there a custom option about this setting?


Fabio, IZ8MBW

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