Re: No Transmit for RTTY using IC-7300 and MMVARI

Dave Colliau

Using the remote jack for the cat and FT-8 eliminates this issue and you can freely run MMTTY or MMVARI .
Dave N8DC

On 09/16/2021 5:36 PM Rick Spears <rnspears@...> wrote:
Rick. When I turn USB send Keying to Off, JTDX works fine.But not MMVARI.
When I set USB Send to DTR JTDX works but not MMVARI.
When I set USB Sent to RTS MMVARI works but not JTDX.

BTW I can live with that. And this is not any emergency so don't feel pressure to get back to me today.
I will send screen shot but I think this is the issue now. But at least I can use both now with just a minor setting : USB Send Keying to off when I use JTDX.

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