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Gary, also, make an ADIF export of the offending JH1HFW QSO so I can see exactly what's in the requested/granted fields of the logbook. 73.

On 09/16/2021 9:29 AM Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:
Gary, to investigate I'd need to see the LoTW records from Clublog.txt file that contains the JH1HFE record. SeventyThree(s)
On 09/15/2021 8:17 PM Gary Hinson <gary@...> wrote:

Errrrr, I was over-excited: we are no longer getting the red warning message, but the LoTW sync via Club Log still isn’t working properly.


Club Log knows about QSOs that have been matched and confirmed on LoTW, but isn’t passing those details to Logger32 e.g. after synchronising Logger32, Club Log and LoTW:


Here are my recent QSOs on LoTW:



This one with JH1HFE has been matched and confirmed already:



On Club Log it is shown as confirmed:



In  my log, that QSO remains stubbornly unconfirmed:




Gary  ZL2iFB


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Inspired by your positive report, Ian, I simply gave it another go … and it worked!



Hey thanks everyone.  It looks like - having been hammered by all our tests - whatever wasn’t working is now running properly again.  We must have knocked the bits back into place, or something.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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Just done a Clublog sync worked ok down loaded 5 new mode/band updates.





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Exactly the same thing over here:


Best regards,





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I tried your steps and get same error.


73 de LU3MAM


El mar, 14 sept 2021 a las 21:55, Gary Hinson (<Gary@...>) escribió:

Can anyone who uses Club Log and LoTW with Logger32 help us test Logger32’s Synchronize LoTW (from Club Log) function, please?

I’m getting failures suggesting something is broken, somewhere. 

In order to test it:

1.       Get Club Log up to date with your recent LoTW confirmations using the <LoTW sync> button on Club Log’s left side menu.

2.       Wait a while for the sync to complete.  If you have selected “Every upload” under the Club Log settings page, you should get an email when it completes.  Otherwise, try waiting half an hour to an hour.

3.       In Logger32 open File → Synchronize LoTW (from Club Log).

4.       Select either <Last 3 Months only> or <Last 1 Month only>, then click <Start>.

On my system, I get a ‘Nothing to download’ red message every time:

If you don’t get the red error (or some other one), please check whether recent LoTW confirmations are duly recorded in your Logger32 log, as expected.  

5.       Let us know how you got on!

73 & TNX
Gary  ZL2iFB




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