Re: No Transmit for RTTY using IC-7300 and MMVARI

Dave Colliau

If your going to do rtty and other modes with the 7300 you need to buy a cat cable that plugs into the remote jack in the rear . This along with the USB cable give you 2 ports instead of one . You use the remote jack for cat and the usb for the sound card and RTTY ,psk,etc keying .  I have an extra USB unit to plug in to the remote jack if your interested. Its the better FTDI chip not a Prolific.
Dave N8DC

On 09/15/2021If your going to do rtty  6:47 PM Gary Hinson <gary@...> wrote:

Hi Rick.


Have you been following the IC-7300 section of the User Manual?


The advice in there was proffered by various ICOM users.


If you spot errors or improvement opportunities, please let me know.  I’m not an ICOMmer and need the help.


73 & GL

Gary  ZL2iFB


From: <> On Behalf Of Rick Spears
Sent: 16 September 2021 10:22
Subject: [hamlogger] No Transmit for RTTY using IC-7300 and MMVARI


Hello. Been struggling to resolve and hoping for some suggestions.
Using ICOM IC-7300 with L32. Set up CAT using USB port on PC into USB CAT port on ICOM.
Set for Serial Port 7 and using input and output USB sound card drivers from ICOM.
JTDX works fine!
I have JTDX off when using MMVARI.
MMVARI seems to be working fine. I see signals and can decode RTTY sigs on MMVARI waterfall.
When I click a macro I see it sending and can see waterfall showing sending my text.
However it does not key transmitter.
One weird thing is the freq display in MMVARI is not working or in sync with my radio.
However when I move my VFO manually on Rig I can see that the waterfall is also moving and correct.
I am set for LSB on radio. Tried LSB DATA but not working.
Tried everything I can think of.
I figure at this point must be some CAT radio setting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

73, Rick W4HRA


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