Re: User Manual for version 4.0.276 - Possibly correction needed -

Peter Eckersberger

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the feedback.

For Bob ... When doing "parallel logging" with TCP JTDX is not acting as 'On Top' window but disappears continuously into background. Is this on purpose or an operating error by myself? 

73 de Peter, OE3EPW
Am 14.09.2021 um 19:53 schrieb Gary Hinson:

HI Peter,


Thanks for that.  You’re right: there is no <Enable data transfer to external Log> option under Settings → Reporting in the current version of JTDX.  Like Logger32, JTDX is being actively maintained so I guess the option wording was updated without me noticing the change.


It's not exactly obvious but the JTDX Settings → Reporting tab has separate areas for TCP and UDP settings [in the JTDX v2.2.157-32A-rc1 beta version I am running anyway]:



So to transfer QSO data from JTDX to Logger32, you need to tell it to use either UDP (<Enable sending logged QSO ADIF data> as I do) which works with Logger32’s UDP functions such as the UDP BandMap, or TCP (<Enable sending to TCP server>) which communicates with the TCP server in Logger32. 


Don’t enable both TCP and UDP logging or I think you will log duplicate QSOs!


I will correct the manual for the next release.  Thanks for letting me know about the issue so clearly.


Bob and the beta crew are still working on parallel logging so more changes are likely in that area too.



Gary  ZL2iFB

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