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Hi Gary

I have also have a problem with JTDX logging - it logs everything correctly except the person’s name, which is missing from the “NAME” field, even though their name appears in the grey Call sign look up window name field.

If I manually enter their callsign into the box and save the QSO as if it were an SSB call, then it records their name correctly in the “NAME” field.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kind regards
Brendan  ZL3BAM

On 15/09/2021, at 5:53 AM, Gary Hinson <Gary@...> wrote:

HI Peter,
Thanks for that.  You’re right: there is no <Enable data transfer to external Log> option under Settings → Reporting in the current version of JTDX.  Like Logger32, JTDX is being actively maintained so I guess the option wording was updated without me noticing the change.
It's not exactly obvious but the JTDX Settings → Reporting tab has separate areas for TCP and UDP settings [in the JTDX v2.2.157-32A-rc1 beta version I am running anyway]:
So to transfer QSO data from JTDX to Logger32, you need to tell it to use either UDP (<Enable sending logged QSO ADIF data> as I do) which works with Logger32’s UDP functions such as the UDP BandMap, or TCP (<Enable sending to TCP server>) which communicates with the TCP server in Logger32.  
Don’t enable both TCP and UDP logging or I think you will log duplicate QSOs! 
I will correct the manual for the next release.  Thanks for letting me know about the issue so clearly.
Bob and the beta crew are still working on parallel logging so more changes are likely in that area too.
Gary  ZL2iFB
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Subject: [hamlogger] User Manual for version 4.0.276 - Possibly correction needed -


Today I occupied myself with "Parallel Logging". When reading the sector "31.3  TCP configuration for JTDX" I probably found a small glitch. Look at the 2 pics below. The last sentence in pic 1 says ...

Still in the JTDX settings <Reporting> tab, click to enable <Enable data transfer to external Log>, telling JTDX to send QSO data out as in ADIF format ....   and so on.

Here is pic 1


Here now pic 2.

At last in my JTDX version 2.2.156 looks the open <Reporting> tab slightly different.


As you may see yourself there is no <Enable data transfer to external Log>. But we do have <Enable sending log QSO ADIF data>. When checking this one (and all the other necessary settings as well) parallel logging works just fine. TAL Bob!

Something different but in connection with "parallel logging" practice ... When making some additional modifications within one of the logbooks the same mods are immediately implemented within the second logbook. Fantastic! With one exception. If one enters the QSL-manager this data is not transferred to the other logbook. For one reason or an other. Its even worse. If in the other logbook a QSL-manager is already present that data will be immediately deleted when trying to make any changes. This would make sense when the NEW QSL-manager would be stored in both logs. But this is not the case. 

Final words to the manual itself ... A real master piece! Thanks a lot (TAL) as well for that.

73 de Peter, OE3EPW

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