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I think I understand what you’re asking although “a Column report” nearly foxed me.


The short answer is no.  Logger32’s QSO editing tools generally work one-QSO-at-a-time, thanks to a deliberate application design decision to reduce the possibility of us making a pig’s ear of our log by inappropriate multi-QSO edits.


However, Logger32 is ADIF compliant, hence we can export our log to ADIF, edit the ADIF file using some other tool (such as ADIF Master or Notepad), then import the edited ADIF into Logger32 as a new logbook.  Most editors allow search-and-replace changes, so you could change the contents of specific ADIF fields for multiple QSOs that way.


One big advantage of this approach is that your original log should remain intact in case the changes don’t go to plan, but I urge users to make log backups before doing anything as risky as this e.g. save a copy of the ADIF log export to a USB stick.



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I have a log on another computer.It ends in 1980.Now I have a good file on my main computer.By good I mean,the qsl info,as far as received by qsl or by lotw.OK,my question before I just delete this file and overwrite.Can a Column report be deleted by any other way than 1 row at a time.Example."q" is in the column.I want to delete that and say "y"..Thanks

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