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Hello again Bob,
Looks like you are right, I changed all 30M, in the RRL file to 30m, re-run the update  and all the 30m QSO's in the log are now updated to G apart from the old QSO's.

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In 2015 Logger32 used uppercase for the band (ie. 10M). The release of v4.0 of Logger32 switched to lowercase (ie. 10m). I will add a newer version (May 2021) to the next auto-update (scheduled in a day or three). Maybe that will help. SeventyThree(s).
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1.0.16, DATED 2015!! Guess its a wee bit old?
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... and what is the version number of the ARRL scraper.exe? SeventyThree(s).
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Hello All
I have tried to update my QSO's to Granted using ARRL Scraper.
I get the file down loaded ok around 3000 QSO's
Try to Import into L32 but every QSO is rejected.
When I start the import I get a message in the box saying Waiting, Valid Callsigns for this Certificate are: G4GIR, 0 QSO's WILL BE REDIRECTED TO CORRECT ENTRIES IN THIS LOG BOOK.
The end result is 3598 QSO's not updated.
Have I missed something?
A lot of the QSO's have no Call Signs in the down loaded file due to the Paper Submissions back in the 70's/80's so understand that but others should be ok.

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