Re: Logger32 v4.0.275 auto-update is online ...

Peter Eckersberger


Fantastic feature. Thanks a lot, Bob!

73 de Peter, OE3EPW


Am 07.09.2021 um 22:01 schrieb Bob:

The release includes a new feature that allows two PCs, each with a copy of Logger32, to add/delete/modify logbook entries on both PCs. See section 31.2 on page 561 of the current help file. Or, use this link
If you're interested in the capabilities, remember that this in new code, please test it thoroughly using dummy data to understand its capabilities and weaknesses.
Operational notes:
1) When parallel logging is enabled, any automatic backups after xxx QSOs is disabled.
2) The logbooks on each PC must have the same name.
3) When configuring the parallel logging option, you have the option to enable a network monitor that pings the other PC every second and will warn you if the remote PC is not visible.
Let the games begin, SeventyThree(s).

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