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IZ5ILJ Lenio

Ciao Bob,

yes the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font is correctly installed in the new installation and is also used in my Logger32 in almost all windows.

I removed these 5 lines from the .ini file and everything worked fine.

I posted this just for this oddity. In all the other sections he was accepted while in this one he even closed my program.

73's, Lenio - IZ5ILJ - #69.

Il 29/07/2021 15:30, Bob ha scritto:
Does the PC have a font called Bitstream Vera Sans Mono? SeventyThree(s).
On 07/29/2021 7:11 AM IZ5ILJ Lenio <iz5ilj@...> wrote:

Ciao to all, my pc must be crazy, I found the problem but I didn't understand the reason for my block and these are 5 lines in the [Globals] section, i deleted these 5 lines in the old Logger32.ini, replaced it in the new install and everything works perfectly.

73's, Lenio - IZ5ILJ - #69.

Il 29/07/2021 11:42, IZ5ILJ Lenio ha scritto:

Ciao Gary, I have just seen the new chapter for new installations I will try to follow it step by step hoping to solve my problem. many thanks for your work

73's, Lenio - IZ5ILJ - #69.

Il 29/07/2021 03:22, Gary Hinson ha scritto:

Bob is just putting the finishing touches to the next Logger32 auto-update for version 4.0.290


Notable improvements coming in .290 include:

  • A cool new function to re-size and neatly align all the open BandMaps, painlessly
  • User-customized ADIFbands.TXT and ADIFmodes.TXT files are no longer callously overwritten by Logger32 updates – including this one, hopefully!


The updated .290 User Manual is online already, while Bob polishes and publishes the auto-update.


I’ve also taken the hint and explained how to move an existing Logger32 installation to a new system, new hardware etc.  As with the rest of the manual, it may not be perfect or sufficient, hence your feedback, complaints, corrections and improvement suggestions are very welcome – either here on the reflector for all to see or more discreetly to Gary@....  Say something apt, valuable, sharp or amusing and you might just find yourself quoted in green ink in a future edition!



Gary  ZL2iFB

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