Re: Porting Logger32 from old PC to new PC

IZ5ILJ Lenio

Ciao Bob, tnx for your attention.

I try to explain myself better, in my uncertain English, describing point by point what I am doing.

I think I did everything right, in fact first I did a new installation of Logger32, then I installed L32Logssync, then L32Lookups, then the fonts that are not by default and that are in the ini files of Logger32 and radiocontrolpanel.

I started Logger32 with the new installation and everything works perfectly when I copy the old folder to the new PC at startup it happens that after starting the radiocontrol panel, in starting something else I can't see why it appears for only a few moments the program stops and closes after a few seconds.

This is what happens. It is not the first time that I move Logger32 to a new HD and always, doing as described, everything worked perfectly, only this time I just can't get over the situation.

Not a big deal that I will have to set everything up again but it would have been a lot easier to be able to import everything from the old installation.

The O.S. is Windows 10 64 bit updated to yesterday.

73's, Lenio - IZ5ILJ - #69.

Il 29/07/2021 01:21, Bob ha scritto:

We've been through this a thousand times in the last twenty something years on this reflector ... FIRST you do a full install of Logger32 on a new PC, on a new disk drive, in a new partition, in a new 'virtual' space, or in a new whatever. Then we verify all is Kosher/Haram/Halal (or whatever your flavor of the day is). Then, and only then, we attempt to make it look/feel like what we had before ... one little baby step at a time. SeventyThree(s).

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