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We've been through this a thousand times in the last twenty something years on this reflector ... FIRST you do a full install of Logger32 on a new PC, on a new disk drive, in a new partition, in a new 'virtual' space, or in a new whatever. Then we verify all is Kosher/Haram/Halal (or whatever your flavor of the day is). Then, and only then, we attempt to make it look/feel like what we had before ... one little baby step at a time. SeventyThree(s).

On 07/28/2021 7:06 PM Gary Hinson <gary@...> wrote:

In your Logger32.INI under the [Globals] section, you may see a line like this:


Show Radio Control Panel=True


If so, try changing it to:


Show Radio Control Panel=False


If not, add that line to the [Globals] section: hopefully, that should stop Logger32 trying to launch and display the Radio Control Panel as it starts up … which hopefully will get you past the problem step. 


However, we may be chasing phantoms here: the actual problem may be something different, not the RCP at all – perhaps something going wrong after the RCP launches OK.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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Ciao John, for first tnx so much for your fast reply.

I have already done this by deleting the RadioPanel.ini file and the result does not change.

The PC is the same, I was installing a new W10 on a new HD in the same PC, so the peripherals are exactly the same.

I repeat: this is not the first time I try to move Logger32 to a new installation and everything has always been fine.

Only now I can't understand why I can't

73's, Lenio - IZ5ILJ - #69.

Il 29/07/2021 00:22, John Munton - G7SSE ha scritto:



As a test find in your Logger32 directory the file: RadioPanel.ini  and temporally remove or rename it to RadioPanelBad.ini or something.


Run Logger32 and try to start the RCP, it will load with default settings. Does it run ok?


If so the problem is in the your transferred ini file.


One thought (guess); could the RCP be looking for an audio device, which is either not present on your new system or is under a different name in Windows compared to your old one?


Another is did you use a custom font, just for the RCP, that is not installed on your new system?


You can open the RCP ini file with Notepad to check.



John - G7SSE




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Ciao to all, I did everything as specified, both for the accessory programs and fonts, and it starts normally, however, when the program "radio control panel" appears in the loading window, after a few seconds it freezes and exits from loading.


I've tried many and many times but just can't figure out what's going on.


I had done this before and everything had worked but now he just doesn't want to know.


Tnx in advance for any help,


73's, Lenio - IZ5ILJ - #69.


Il 27/07/2021 16:25, Gary Hinson ha scritto:

Aside from the auto-start utilities, you might also need to check that the particular fonts used in your installation of Logger32 are installed on the new PC.


Oh and if it is not stored in the Logger32 folder that you copied, you'll also need to transfer your log across - preferably doing a full ADIF export from the old PC, then an import on the new one.



Gary ZL2iFB



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Hi Normal,


Install a fresh copy on the new PC ensuring you use the same file path.

Don't mess about with any configuration all you are interested in is setting up the registration entries. Then replace it with your existing

L32 folder. You might have to correct any utility file paths in the .INI if they have not been installed in the same file locations.


Job done.




Mike VP8NO


On 27/07/2021 10:04, norman9795 via wrote:

I am looking for the easiest way to port my rxisting installation to a

new PC with the minimum of effort.

















73, John - G7SSE


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