Re: icom-7610 Split QSY Macro

Gary Hinson

With amazing foresight and without changing the wording, section 36.3.4 of the manual will become correct as the universe snaps neatly back into alignment with Logger32 version 4.0.290.   😊


Well spotted, Vince.  Well I never, Bob. 


Hopefully there are no other weird case-dependent macro oddities and the like but anything is possible – including oversites, errrors and typoos lurking in the manual and, yes, pesky bugs lurking under the covers of Logger32. 


Please continue reporting them.  We’ll get there in the end.  Expect jam tomorrow.



Gary  ZL2iFB


PS  Nobody has yet reported the Easter eggs hidden somewhere in the manual …


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Oops, my fault. There are six places in the code that look for '$qsy ...' in a macro. one of them was case sensitive. It is fixed for th next auto-update. SeventyThree(s).

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Thank you - I was replicating what was in the manual. Perhaps Gary could amend Section 36.3.4 to reflect the use of the lower case.


The manual shows upper case.


Thank you again


Vince G0ORC


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Try this   $qsy #Split+01q#$    Not $QSY...



73 de aki



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Subject [hamlogger] icom-7610 Split QSY Macro


Apologies for repeating myself but this one from a  few days ago appears to have go lost amongst a slew of responses to more important issues.


When using the macro   $QSY #Split+01q#$


I get a response from Logger32 "The BandPlan has no entries that match a frequency of  18099.0 MHz" -  which is true if it really did mean 18099.0 MHz but I suspect it should be 18099.0 kHz


i.e MHz instead of kHz 







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