Re: Generic QSO Window

Gary Hinson

Cool!  Thanks Bill.


I’m updating the manual accordingly for the next release, advising us to making backups of our painstakingly-edited ADIFmodes.txt files.  


Likewise with any changes to customize the bands & modes table, country database, states/provinces, JCC & JCG and what have you.  And, of course, our logs.


Even if an autoupdate or Logger32 re-install or hard disk replacement or whatever obliterates the edited versions, it’s generally easier to restore from backups than to regenerate the changes.  


Backups are your friends.  Cherish them!  Look after them!  Take good care of them!  They are almost as valuable as the originals.  Love your backups!



Gary  ZL2iFB


PS  Call me paranoid but although I’d surely miss my emails, contacts, work files, digital photos and stuff if this PC was trashed or held to ransom, I’d be devastated to lose my log.  Such are this DXer’s priorities!  I’m backing up my whole log to an ADIF on a CD-RW disk, again, as I write this …


From: <> On Behalf Of Bill Engel
Sent: 25 July 2021 03:54
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Generic QSO Window


As Bob has stated in order to insert Q65 into the MyBandMode32.db it has to be in the ADIFModes.txt file.  What I did back in March was to add Q65 to ADIFModes.txt.  I then inserted Q65 into the Edit Bands & Modes form.  A subsequent Logger32 Auto Update overwrote the ADIFModes.txt file and my Q65 was no longer there, but it was still in MyBandMode32.db file.  That is apparently what is stopping the awards window from displaying the log entries associated with an award.
I was able to confirm this by using a text editor to insert the Q65 line into MyBandMode32.txt and the log entries were not displayed.
Hope this helps.
Thanks Bob for a great program and Gary for your great documentation.
Bill K5DHY

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