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What do you see on the rotor debug window? Is there a Rotator seected (are you on a band with a rotator)? What is the text in the rotator pane in the lower status bar? What is the tooltip of the rotator pane?
Try setting something else in Logger32 - the DVK, the CW Machine, something to temporarily use COM 3. What results do you get?

On 07/24/2021 9:30 AM Jan <hamlogger@...> wrote:
OK about the first one. I have to install Logsync.

But about the rotator there is no error message,
Com 3 is figured.

Op 24-7-2021 om 15:21 schreef Bob:
Jan, the error 53 says the utility program you are trying to open when Logger32 starts is not there. Click TOOLS | UTILITY PROGRAM SETUP. You need to install all the utilities you open when Logger32 starts.
Is there a COM 3 in the newly configured PC? What is the error?
On 07/24/2021 9:02 AM Jan <hamlogger@...> wrote:
After a severe crash I had to install Windows and all other programs again.
Sofar I only installed my most important program : Logger4
Now when I start Logger
I see this message:
And another thing is that I cannot open the rotator port.
I have my rotator configured as follows:

Please help me...

my dxspider clusters running on a raspberry pi zero:  
pa4jj-2 port 7300
pa4jj-3 port 7388

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