Re: ClubLog Exception for SV2RSG/A


... or, you can send your logbook to Club Log (in chunks of 10K QSOs) and they will correct ant DXCC/CQZ problems automatically (just a few seconds for each chunk). Click SETUP | UPDATES | VALIDATE YOUR LOGBOOK DXCC/CQZ from Club Log. Then you can recalculate your stats. SeventyThree(s).

On 07/24/2021 6:04 AM Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:
The Club Log exceptions file also says this:
So, if you enter SV2RSG in the Logger32 logbook entry window now, it will show as 'Not accepted for DXCC'.
If you were lucky enough to contact SV2RSG/A in one of the windows that is approved, then it was logged as 'Not accepted for DXCC'. What you must do, is first, manually change the QSO to show DXCC, second recalculate the stats. Recalculating the stats does not modify the logbook entry.
On 07/23/2021 8:58 PM YV5EN - Edwin via <yv5en@...> wrote:
Hi to all,

I have L32 v4.0.269, the ClubLog Exception is updated but L32 shows QSO with SV2RSG/A as Not accepted for DXCC.

As you can see at, this is  a valid Exception.

The Club Log Exceptions.txt file at Logger32 folder in C:/ shows "SV2RSG/A is operating from DXCC 180 (Mt. Athos)"
The ClubLog shows "File created on 23 julio 2021 at 20:32:45"
I recalculate Statistics but L32 still shows SV2RSG/A as Not accepted for DXCC.

Any idea?
Thanks in advance,
Edwin - YV5EN (YV5HUJ 1979-2011)

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