Re: LOTW showing “cross” band contacts

Gary Hinson



IF you start WSJT-X from the Start menu on the UDP BandMap, it takes control of the radio away from Logger32 (Logger32 drops its CAT connection, then WSJT-X opens its CAT connection).  This happens because only one program at a time can access/control the serial port used for the CAT connection.


WSJT-X then tells Logger32 what radio frequencies you are using via UDP messages.  So if you are using FT8 on 6m, WSJT-X tells Logger32 the frequency.  Any completed digi QSOs are passed from WSJT-X to Logger32 with their frequencies and modes, and the details get logged.


When you stop WSJT-X from the Stop menu on the UDP BandMap, it drops the CAT connection to the radio, and Logger32 picks it up.  Logger32 is then aware of the radio frequencies etc. like normal.


HOWEVER, if you start and stop WSJT-X independently (not using the start and stop menu options on the UDP BandMap), Logger32 is clueless.  Whichever program opens the CAT port first wins.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] LOTW showing “cross” band contacts


I also had the issue. But it was operator error.


WSJT you never changed the frequency in the program.  Mine was a 60m contact and I had 6m on wsjt. That’s why it di the cross band.


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From: Gary Hinson
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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] LOTW showing “cross” band contacts


Hi Dale.


Please check section 38.10 of the User Manual for me.  Does that help?  I don’t use SO2R so haven’t had the chance to test the details.  Corrections & comments welcome. 



Gary  ZL2iFB

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Subject: [hamlogger] LOTW showing “cross” band contacts


On a recent manual upload (from Logger 32 to LOTW) many Qs in LOTW showed the band as “cross”…which they were not. Everything in Logger looks fine and all the Qs were made with WSJT X.  Upon looking at these Qs in LOTW, they showed the “receive” freq as the  freq. of my second rig ( always set to 2 meters).  I’m not sure what caused this nor how to fix it. Help appreciated.
Dale WA4CQG 


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