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Gary Hinson <Gary@...>

Works fine for me: you are opening the Quick QSL form by right-clicking a QSO line on the Previous QSOs pane, correct Ian?



That is with a beta based on 4.0.266.


When you right-click a QSO line, does anything happen at all?



Gary  ZL2iFB


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Thanks for the reply Bob,


I am using 4.0.266

, I have ver 3.50.347 on a laptop which works OK, found the entry in the ini file and copied that to the latest version. Still doesn't work, I just realised maybe a complete, boot of the PC is required, Able Sugar I WILL TRY THAT.

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I possibly you're not using the latest version. There was a bug with this in v4.0.265. SeventyThree(s).

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Hello All
I have just started using L32, bit of a learning curve. With help from several people I have got it to a state where I am happy, however.

I cannot get the QuickQSL form to show after right clicking on the QSO in the previous QSO window. A trawl of the messages has not helped, apart from the fact I can't find an entry in the Logger32.ini file :-  [FrmQuickQlSSettings]

Any help appreciated.



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