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I coded a TCP client, and sent this message to Logger32 <BAND:3>20M <CALL:5>N7JAK <FREQ:9>14.081400 <MODE:4>MFSK <SUBMODE:3>FT4 <QSO_DATE:8>20210618 <TIME_ON:6>183343 <QSO_DATE_OFF:8>20210617 <TIME_OFF:6>183447 <RST_SENT:3>-15 <RST_RCVD:3>-15 <TX_PWR:0> <NAME:4>FRED <STATE:2>WA <COMMENT:25>FT4 SENT: -15 RCVD: -15 <EOR> The QSO was logged with Name and State. I then enabled JTDX to log by TCP. All QSOs were logged with Name.
As to your observation about the cumbersome operation of the Change Admin Subdivision. I will change it slightly so that typing the <ENTER> key is the same as clicking the Apply button. 

On 06/17/2021 2:18 PM Steve <steve@...> wrote:

I included several shots.  After doing a few more contacts, I find that I have to physically enter the name in the WSJT-X window for the name to come across and it does.  But, the state doesn't transfer.

Did you see what I was talking about with the Administrative Subdivision window and not being able to advance with the keyboard to apply the changes?

Thanks for checking these out.

73, Steve NA6G

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