Data Transfer


For FT8 I use Logger32, WSJT-X and JTAlert and have it setup like Prasad suggests using Socat.exe.  The integration of data works pretty good but I find that the name and state don't transfer to Logger32.  It shows the name in the TCP Server and socat all the time and most of the time shows the State but the data doesn't fill the fields in Logger32.  If I enter the name in the confirmation box on WSJT-X then the name will transfer.  Is there a setting that I need to change to have the data autofill with name an state in Logger32?

Also, since the State (and county which I know isn't a field transferred) isn't entered in Logger32, I go to Edit Admin Subdivision Info and enter it myself.  When in that box to select the state and county, I can enter the state and it moves automatically to the county field which I type to get to quickly.  The problem is that to close the box, I have to use the mouse to click on Apply.  It would be much easier if we can just hit tab and then enter to apply the changes rather than having to use the mouse.

Thanks for the great program!

73, Steve NA6G

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