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Flavio Padovani

Saludos Aki,
For some reason I can not get your program to work. I will send the details later.

Thursday, June 17, 2021, 8:50:43 AM, you wrote:


Please tell me how you check this, step-by-step.

I checked this and think it works as expected.
If "Overwrite..." option is checked then info are over written.
If "Overwrite..." option is unchecked then info are NOT over written.

73 de aki

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From: "Steph, F5NZY" <
Date: 2021/06/17 21:32:25
Subject [hamlogger] L32Looksup...

Hello to all,

I use the latest version of Logger32 (4,0,266).

In L32Lookups, I did not check 'Overwrite populated Logbook fields' and yet it does it anyway... 😉

73 de Steph, F5NZY.
?Everything looks impossible to the people who never tried, anything.
?Dr J-L Etienne.

Best regards.


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