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Gary Hinson <Gary@...>

Hi John.

Since your English is deteriorating and you still haven't given us any
pictures, I'm reluctantly conceding defeat. Maybe someone else on the
reflector has a clue but not me.

Gary ZL2iFB

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Yes and Gary it is the (|) in the I type it moves but no
letters.Yes it stays black.Black is my base color,and yellow is spots the
commands are red when they appear in the spot window...blank in the command
line screen.But,I think it.s where the computer stores the
message.V4 book says it stores it on the windows clipboard.I went there and
found nothing.But,I rebooted and it wrked...Until i hit enter...the command
was posted but did not wrk again...Its not a l32 problem...something in the
way this machinehandles text storage...We will find it,hi hi

On 2021-06-14 00:50, Gary Hinson wrote:
Hmm, OK, that's puzzling John. The boilerplate text disappears as
soon as I start typing into that box.

Earlier you said "the talk/commands area at the bottom is black." Are
you saying it has a solid black background, with"Type cluster commands
appearing in gray, even as you type there?

Also you said "When I type there is no display except the little
What little slider? There is a slider for the cluster output above
but (on my system) no little slider for the command entry box at the

An image/screenshot would make this easier to visualize, for me at
least ...

Gary ZL2iFB

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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] talk/commands window

I resized my window and changed font,no change.I changed to tnc windoe
and same thing.About midway in the command it says(type cluster
commands here)...that statement is very plain and readable...

On 2021-06-13 21:48, Gary Hinson wrote:
Hi John.

To clarify, the issue appears here (where the cursor points) I think:

Is that right?

On my system, as soon as I type the first character there, the gray
'boilerplate text' ("Type Localhost commands here") instantly
disappears and my typing shows up in black text on the white

Although not in this specific case, I have seen occasional display
glitches that re-sizing a problem window clears. The next time you
notice this happen, try grabbing any side or corner of the DX Cluster
window and dragging it out a bit. That may be enough to make your
system/video card re-draw it without the black bar.

No promises though! Whether it works or not, please let us know. Oh
and an image of that part of the screen showing the problem would be
nice too, if possible.


Gary ZL2iFB

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Sent: 14 June 2021 14:13
Subject: [hamlogger] talk/commands window

Hello all,I have a small problem.It is not a upgrade problem as it
has lasted through 3-4 upgrades.And sometimes...sometimes it works.

On my packet screen.I an connected through telnet,the talk/commands
area at the bottom is black.When I type there is no display except
the little slider.Now everything works.Example I type dx(nothing
(space) I type the frequency again(nothing is seen there) (space) and
type the info...Hit enter and all the information is on the cluster
as I typed it.It is a small thing.and just a small problem.One would
think appearance.Gone there and changed xmit to red...Sure enuf when
I upload to the cluster it is red But in the area it is black...Any
ideas? 73 john


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