Re: 7610 Spot selects correct frequency change but mode incorrect

David KN2M

Well, it took me a bit to answer.  The FLEX lost internet connection.  Why, who knows?  Had to reset router in order to restore, but it looks all OK now.  Otherwise, the FLEX was inop.

Bob, the answer is that I am not sure about the 7610.  I have been ill and have all kinds of restrictions.  This is the first time that I have physically operated the station in months.  However, the FLEX responds correctly to both mode and frequency changes.  Click SSB spot, freq and mode change to SSB, same with CW or RTTY.  I think this is OK.  However, at some point I changed CW to CWU or CWL, depending on the band.  Not sure if that matters.

John, I have looked at my table carefully.  I was not sure if I could put a (1,2) or not for radio selection, so I duplicated the line with separate radio numbers.  And the mode and radio mode match up.  Even with this change, clicking on a spot does not change to the correct mode, only issues a frequency change.


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