Re: Rig Control For WSJT-X #ft8

G4RRM Pete



Not a 590 user but did help a friend set one up, I assume you have downloaded the Virtual Comm port from Kenwood Site?







From: <> On Behalf Of JOHN Albano
Sent: 16 May 2021 22:43
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Rig Control For WSJT-X #ft8


Hi Gary thanks for the reply.

WSJT-X needs to use the USB of the TS590 to work.

The Logger32  also wants the UBS of the TS590 to control the rig..when I offer the Comm port of the TS590 i says it's invalid..the cluster uses it and TCP and UDP are all working.

So for F8 contacts, I leave things as above...the F8 contacts get logged properly on Logger32...the rig is be controlled only by the WSJT-X and NOT by Logger32.

So, I am asking the SAME USB to control both the WSJT-X and Logger 32.

I don't fully understand the next to last sentence but was able to get it configured make F8 contacts from it.

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