Re: Rig Control For WSJT-X #ft8

Fabio IZ8MBW

You cannot use the same COM port (also if it's an USB serial port) from more then one software in the same time.

Gary gives to you an option to use the same COM port by both Logger32 and WSJT-X (also if in fact the same COM port is used by one software in the same time). 

In my case, with Icom 7300, I use two different serial ports that manage that (same) radio in the same time, so one COM is for Logger32 and the other one is for WSJT-X or JTDX.

If you are not able to use two serial ports on the same radio use the Gary suggestion. 

Fabio, IZ8MBW

Il dom, 16 mag, 2021 alle 23:42, JOHN Albano
<albanojc@...> ha scritto:
Hi Gary thanks for the reply.

WSJT-X needs to use the USB of the TS590 to work.

The Logger32  also wants the UBS of the TS590 to control the rig..when I offer the Comm port of the TS590 i says it's invalid..the cluster uses it and TCP and UDP are all working.

So for F8 contacts, I leave things as above...the F8 contacts get logged properly on Logger32...the rig is be controlled only by the WSJT-X and NOT by Logger32.

So, I am asking the SAME USB to control both the WSJT-X and Logger 32.

I don't fully understand the next to last sentence but was able to get it configured make F8 contacts from it.

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