Re: Error 13 when doing a search in the logbook


Please check following steps whether it appears or not.

1. Open Logger32.ini with text editor.
2. Look forĀ [wndLogbookPage Settings] section.
3. Delete all lines in this section.
4. Run Logger32. Logbook page window appears with default settings.

Do you still see error13 ?

73 de aki

On 2021/05/10 17:01:33, Fabien TK5MH <tk5mh@...> wrote:

I tried to change the regional settings in windows 10 pro but with no success.
I thought the french format for the date could be the culprit but it seems to have no effect on the error.
Sorry Bob to submit one more problem ;-)
But a search on date and time is useful when you receive a QSL for a contact you can't find the callsign in the log.
Just to check it's not a busted callsign

73, Fabien TK5MH

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