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Gary Hinson <Gary@...>

Mornin’ James.


‘Control panel not connected’ is a clue: that is the Radio Control Panel.  You say it appears when you click an FT8 spot os another clue: I suspect you have enabled the Quick Mode Switch function – see section 2.6.4 in the v4 User Manual.  Logger32 can now open the digimode software when we click a digimode spot, or the CW Machine for a CW spot.


‘Another instance may be running’ is because WSJT-X checks for any other WSJT-X instances when it launches … so it appears you had WSJT-X running already when you clicked the FT8 spot BUT I guess you had launched it from the icon, not through the UDP BandMap ‘Start’ menu, hence Logger32 didn’t know it was running already, hence the Quick Mode Switch tried to launch another.


‘Fatal error’ is WSJT-X telling you it can’t start a second instance with the same config settings as the first one.  [You can run multiple instances if you use the -rig command line parameter at startup to select ‘a different rig name’ meanign a different config.]


Hope that makes sense!



Gary  ZL2iFB



From: <> On Behalf Of James Holohan
Sent: 18 April 2021 03:04
Subject: [hamlogger] Logger32 #ft8


     Just seeking some advice. When I click on an FT8 spot on the Cluster a number of things happen which didn't happen before. 1. A small panel appears with all the bands and FT8 & FT4 and a message that states "Control panel not connected". Simultaneously another instance of WSJT-X starts up followed by a message that  "Another instance of JTD-X may be running." 2. There is a loss of CAT control. 4. The UDP Bandmap closes down.
I do not have "Show JTDX control panel" selected.
I would appreciate any help.


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