Re: Desordern in Logbook page

Michael Harris

Forget the QSO number. Sort on date first and when the QSO's are in the correct date order then reformat the QSO numbers.


Mike VP8NO

On 10/04/2021 15:33, Per wrote:
Tools -> Database Maintenance - Reformat QSO numbers
73 de LA9XKA - Per
On 10.04.2021 20:11, wrote:
I have started to use Logger32 and I have registered my older QSOs hy hand. When I now register my QSO by hand i find desorden in my logbook page:

QSO NR 848, 849, 850 and 851 I have register late, but why do they come in wrong order i in my logbook page?
Is it possible to sort my OSO:s in right order now afterwards?

/SM0YHN/Thorbjörn Odsjö/
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