Re: Bandmap callsigns on WSJT-X not transferring to L32 Input Window

Jerry Spring


I will have to check my colour settings but I'm pretty sure there is no box around the callsign.  I clicked once and waited 30 seconds and tried this several times.  

As for calling someone while still in QSO, this is standard procedure for 99.9% of operators (from what I've observed operating FT8 for 2 years).  I never call on their transmit frequency as I use the spectrum display to always try to find a clear slot to call.  So I wouldn't be stepping on their current QSO, unless I randomly picked the same frequency the other guy was transmitting on, assuming I couldn't see his signal.  Also, if trying to contact a DXpedition operating in Fox/Hound mode and I waited for them to CQ, I could wait a LONG time.  And finally, another reason not to wait for a CQ is if there is a lot of QSB and the other station is very weak.  You may want to call him a bunch of times, hoping he can hear you on one or two occasions. You might not work him at all if you wait for his CQ.  I would recommend a button, "Transmit Now", which is what WSJT-X gives you anyway.  


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