Re: Bandmap callsigns on WSJT-X not transferring to L32 Input Window

Gary Hinson

Hi Jerry.


Going back a step, I am still puzzled about your statement “When I single click on the callsign, no box appears around the callsign.”


Are you sure?  Are you patiently waiting for the selector box to appear?


On my system, that selector box can take a little while to appear, so having clicked I am often left wondering if I actually clicked it.  If I lose patience and click it again (“To be sure”), that can cancel the selection, if indeed it was selected in the first place.   [I reported this as a bug months ago and, as I recall, Bob changed something to make the system more responsive … but it seems to have regressed.]


Anyway, that your system is calling someone is a good sign: at least that proves the Logger32 can command WSJT-X to initiate a QSO.   


I wonder if your selector box is in the same colour as the background of the UDP BandMap, so it appears but is invisible!  I’ve forgotten how to check/change the box colour: it is hopefully in the manual.


Normally, the automatic cherry-picker and manual calling function both wait until the next station is ready to be called, rather than calling prematurely when he is still in QSO with someone else.  ‘Ready to be called’ means he appears to be ending a QSO (he sent an RR73 or 73 message) or he is CQing.  I’m not entirely sure what happens if he completes a QSO then remains silent: will we call him or not?  More observation required.


If for some reason you feel compelled to call someone prematurely during their QSO, you can force WSJT-X to transmit directly, but I don’t recommend it as a rule (especially not if your transmission is or may be on top of his QSO partner), and it’s not something that Logger32 will help you do.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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Sent: 31 March 2021 15:37
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Bandmap callsigns on WSJT-X not transferring to L32 Input Window


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Hi Gary,

IA little progress...

I just turned on the Cherry Picking option:  "Cherry-pick decoded callsign on next CQ" and now it is populating the Call field in the entry window!  It is still not drawing a box around the callsign, however.  I then clicked on "Show manual calling event viewer" and was able to work a station, but only after he called CQ.  Is there no way to call him before he calls CQ?  I still think there must be a setting or two I am missing.

Thanks again

Jerry VE6TL

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