Re: telnet spots only works for 25 lines



Are you sure that the window is not behind the lower tast bar(s)?


Op 28-3-2021 om 20:12 schreef Fred-K0FG:
Hi Bob.
My DX spots window is in the lower right corner of my screen and it only shows the upper 25 spots, out of 31 being displayed.  The last 6 spots show no info about the spots, no popup with direction, name, needs, etc, no info popup window.  If I unlock child windows and drag the DX spots screen upward a couple inches then the entire displayed spots work properly.  When I drag the DX spots back to the lower right corner then the last 6 spots do not display info again.

I only need to drag the DX spots window up maybe 1/2 inch and some of those lower spots begin to act properly.  And the farther up I drag the screen the more spots work correctly until I move the window up perhaps 1 inch and then all of the spots work correctly.

Maybe a Windows 10 thing?  Running the latest version.   But the spots show up they just don't display info. 

I can live with it, just info for you in case others have the same problem.

Thanks for the wonderful Logger32, I use it all day, every day.

Fred, K0FG

my dxspider clusters running on a raspberry pi:  
pa4jj-2 port 7300
pa4jj-3 port 7388

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