Re: telnet spots only works for 25 lines


Hi Bob.
My DX spots window is in the lower right corner of my screen and it only shows the upper 25 spots, out of 31 being displayed.  The last 6 spots show no info about the spots, no popup with direction, name, needs, etc, no info popup window.  If I unlock child windows and drag the DX spots screen upward a couple inches then the entire displayed spots work properly.  When I drag the DX spots back to the lower right corner then the last 6 spots do not display info again.

I only need to drag the DX spots window up maybe 1/2 inch and some of those lower spots begin to act properly.  And the farther up I drag the screen the more spots work correctly until I move the window up perhaps 1 inch and then all of the spots work correctly.

Maybe a Windows 10 thing?  Running the latest version.   But the spots show up they just don't display info. 

I can live with it, just info for you in case others have the same problem.

Thanks for the wonderful Logger32, I use it all day, every day.

Fred, K0FG

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