Re: Bandmap callsigns on WSJT-X not transferring to L32 Input Window

Jerry Spring

I have not changed any of the settings in WSJT-X from when it was working perfectly in V3.5.  The fact that the input window in L32 receives the grid square but not the callsign says that there is a bug in L32.  I shouldn't have to swap out WSJT-X for JTDX because of a bug in L32. 

I have not implemented any of the cherry picking  schemes and have never had L32 telling WSJT-X to initiate a call to another station. I always select the station I want to call in WSJT-X and enable transmitting in WSJT-X.  All I want in L32 is to populate the input field and grid square in the L32 input window and automatically look it up in  (The part is working.)  I also want L32 to automatically log the QSO as before (in V3.5). 

By the way, when I click on an interesting callsign in the L32 WSJT-X bandmap window, I don't see a box around it and nothing happens in the UDP debug window.  Yet, I see the grid square immediately show up in the L32 input window. 


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