Re: Bug v4.0.245 - Notes Window - Lock Child Window

Gary Hinson

Hi Jeff.


I can drag the notes window outside/beyond the limits of the main Logger32 v4 window, so it is not a child.  Try it.  It’s an easy test.


I didn’t notice a v4 change about no longer locking non-children … but then I don’t always pay full attention, so maybe I missed it … or maybe Notes was never a child?  Perhaps it is “special”.



Gary  ZL2iFB


From: <> On Behalf Of KA9S - Jeff
Sent: 05 March 2021 17:57
Subject: [hamlogger] Bug v4.0.245 - Notes Window - Lock Child Window


I just upgraded my L32 to v4.0.245. It all went smoothly - except - I always display the "Notes Window" and have it locked in position along with the other child windows I like. The Notes window will not lock with this version of L32. Is this a bug?  Is the Notes window not considered a Child window anymore?

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