Re: Cherry-picking ignore "Show only highlighted callsign/gridsquare" option?



While operating open Cherry-picking event viewer. It tells you why it calls him.

73 de aki

On 2021/03/02 17:43, Fabio IZ8MBW via wrote:
Probably I miss something but if in the UDP BandMap I have enabled the option "Cherry-picking" and I also enable the option "Show only highlighted callsign/gridsquare" and the UDP BandMap is blank because all the stations decoded are not highlighted, Logger32 will anyway go to call stations.
I expect that the "Cherry-picking" option will go to follow what is it in the UDP BandMap, and since it's blank because there aren't any highlighted station then I expect that Logger32 will not go to call any station until come up some highlighted callsign.
What I wrong?
In other words, how can I use the "Cherry-picking" to call only "new ones" (highlighted callsigns)?


Fabio, IZ8MBW

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