Re: Old Logger 32 Dependency

Gary Hinson

Despite upgrading as specified” ????


The manual seems clear enough to me …



Notice the footnote, Art!


As it happens, though, I also chose a new directory for Logger32 since I started with an early v4 beta and was concerned about retaining access to my original v3.5 installation in case v4 went horribly wrong.  It didn’t … so now I am still running from C:\Logger32 v4\ with the original C:\Logger32\ laying dormant. 


I was planning to:

  1. Export my entire log as an ADIF, for safekeeping, to a USB stick etc.
  2. Close Logger32
  3. Backup both folders for safekeeping as well
  4. Edit Logger32.INI in the current v4 directory, looking for and changing any references to C:\Logger32 v4\ into C:\Logger32\. Then save the updated .INI
  5. Delete C:\Logger32\ completely
  6. Rename C:\Logger32 v4\ to C:\Logger32\
  7. Update the shortcuts that open Logger32 to point to C:\Logger32\Logger32.exe
  8. Run Logger32 from the shortcut and check it out.


WARNING!  THIS PROCESS IS CURRENTLY UNTESTED.  RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK … and please tell us how it goes, including any problems and workarounds.  I can then slip the tested/proven version into the User Manual at the next update.



Gary  ZL2iFB


From: <> On Behalf Of Art - VE3UTT / W1AJT
Sent: 02 March 2021 02:40
Subject: [hamlogger] Old Logger 32 Dependency



Does anyone know what files need to be transferred to the new Logger32_40 directory so that I can delete the old Logger32 directory?   Despite upgrading as specified, there are dependencies that require the old directory/files before version 4.0 launches.

Art - W1AJT

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