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Jim Altman

It won’t be possible via hamlib CAT as those commands are not supported in hamlib.  It could might be done via the RCP, but Bob would have to add a variable to get the computer’s system clock for RCP’s use and then you could manually write a command to send that to the radio via your radio’s computer command set.  Notice the length of the list of types of radio, a different command is required for each type radio.


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I also have an Icom IC-7300 and it will nice if Logger32 can update the clock on the radio via CAT (after updating the PC clock via NTP).

On the Web I found this, but it's for Linux: loughkb/IC-7300-time-sync




Python3 script to sync the radio's clock with your computer via CAT commands - loughkb/IC-7300-time-sync






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Hi Bob, on the Icom 7300 it is possible to set the time and date via the CAT command. The function of setting the clock on the radio using computer system time is useful, given the problems with the clock battery on the IC-7300.  For me, the problem is how to extract the current system time in a suitable format so that it can be built into the hex command which I could then send to the station. At the moment I use a small script for this outside the Logger, but I have to do it before starting Logger, because Logger locks the com port for its communication with the radio.

Speaking of the Icom 7300, there is a possibility via the CAT command to start Voice memory from the station. This possibility is not documented in the manual (but it is documented in the manual off, I think IC 7610), it works perfectly on 7300. Now I use it by sending hex command using RCP panel, but it would be nice if it will be possible via DVK panel, for which it is intended.




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On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 9:15 PM Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:

... and how does one set the radio time? CAT commands? SeventyThree(s).

On 02/28/2021 3:10 PM Wes Plouff <ac8jf@...> wrote:



Since some transceivers have a time of day clock display, I suggest adding an option to synchronize the rig's clock to the computer clock. This is separate from synchronizing the logging computer time via NTP or the Windows time set feature. Setting the rig clock could be done when Logger32 starts, on demand, or at regular intervals.

This suggestion definitely falls in the "nice to have" category. However, such a feature would avoid manual settings or fiddling with utility programs.  -- de Wes AC8JF


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