Re: Logger32 v.4,0,243 fails updade..

Stefano Zoli - Alice mail -

Hi Aki... You couldn't put the flea in my ear in time... that I was already there riding the problem was actually given by that... I had probably made a new link to the program and the link was not properly instructed to run as an administrator... a note in this regard HOW TO DELETE THE CONFIRMATION REQUEST at the launch of the program in the hypothesis to use the same link RUNNING AUTOMATICALLY?

 Greetings as always 599!!  Steve



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Da: ja1nlx
Inviato: lunedì 1 marzo 2021 08:48
Oggetto: Re: [hamlogger] Logger32 v.4,0,243 fails updade..



Do you set Logger32.exe and Logger32autoinstaller.exe to run as administrator ?


On 2021/03/01 15:50, Stefano Zoli - Alice mail - wrote:

Hi.. a question but what problem is there with the failure to auto-update from v. 4,0,243 as no lawsuit is named with poup-ups etc.

I point out that I installed everything from the official until v4.00 everything ok with the first updates then regularly downloads this update, but can not install it.. some straight, because here I can never information, thank you.


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