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Sorry Bob but I don’t understand what I can fix the problem 

On 25 Feb 2021, at 23:46, Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:

Look at the rotor debug window, Does Logger32 send and command to the rotor to stop it turning? Does Logger32 maybe close the rotor port? Even if it did, I don't think that would/should stop the rotor turning. Is the command correct to turn to the correct heading. or is it a command to turn just a few degrees and then after turning a few degrees it stops because it thinks it is in the correct position?

All I can do is send the correct command. What the rotor does (or does not do) is way above my pay grade.


On 02/25/2021 5:27 PM sp5ewx <sp5ewx@...> wrote:

Also when I click from the map it moves only 2-3 deg and stops
Mike sp5ewx

śr., 24 lut 2021 o 14:30 Bob <k4cy@...> napisał(a):

Does the rotor work correctly if you command it to turn by clicking on the great circle map? Dos it work at all? What do you see in the rotor debug window when you command the rotor to turn? SeventyThree(s).

On 02/24/2021 2:17 AM sp5ewx <sp5ewx@...> wrote:

I used alfaspid rotor with 3.5 version without any problem . With 4
ver it doesnt react for "home" command and when I use Ctrl+A or Alt+A
it starts to turn but after a few degrees stops and bar rotor pointer
on greyline window disappears. Any suggestions?
Mike sp5ewx

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