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I don't think so. JTAlert connects to JTDX on UDP port 2237. JTAlert forwards QSL Logged messages only on UDP port 2333 (or something). 
So, I'd guess in Logger32 you'd configure like this:
a) Open the UDP BandMap.  Set the Band/Mode option to be from JTAlert. Close the UDP BandMap (There's nothing to see).
b) Open one of the receive only UDP sockets on port 2223 (or whatever). 
c) Kick back and make a not to yourself - Damn This DXing is fun.
there's no data to be displayed in the UDP MandMap.

On 02/25/2021 2:43 PM Kenneth Hansen <khansen@...> wrote:
Sorry, should be 2333 of course 

On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 2:35 PM Kenneth Hansen via <khansen=> wrote:
I’m looking at section 32.3 in the manual.
Does the UDP band map work together with JTAlert?
I did set the UDP port to 3332 in Logger32, but when I open the socket, JTAlert stops updating.
What am I missing?
Kenneth Hansen
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Kenneth Hansen
ScanAm Technical Services, LLC

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