Re: DX Spots - Show station QSOd this band/mode B4

Fabio IZ8MBW

Hi Bob,
Yes, the second thing is not an error and it's normal since I don't have 60m band into my BandPlan.

About the strange thing of QSO B4 on a Band where I did not have any QSO thanks for your time to try to simulate.
If it will happens again I try to give to you more details.

Thank you.

Fabio, IZ8MBW

Il martedì 23 febbraio 2021, 17:04:28 CET, Bob <k4cy@...> ha scritto:

Fabio, the picture shows two things.
First the 60m QSO showing QSO B4 on a band not in the BandPlan. Why the QSO showed as QSO B4, I don't know, and cannot duplicate. I tested by modifying my BandPlan by removing all 20m/15m, and 10m entries. I set the DX Spot to pass only 20m, 15m, and 10m. I connected to an FT4/FT8 RBN and a CW RBN. With the two connections DX Spots of more than 600/second were received. Testing for 30 minutes, and not a singles 20m, 15m, or 10m DX Spot was flagged with QSO B4.
Second, the error message is correct, you clicked on the DX Spot and Logger32 could not find a radio mode in the BandPlan. This is the expected response.
On 02/23/2021 3:07 AM Fabio IZ8MBW via <iz8mbw@...> wrote:
Hi all.
In the DX Spots window I have enabled the option "Show station QSOd this band/mode B4".
Today there was a Spot on 5358.7 MHz (60 meter band) and the  DX Spots window marked that Spot as a valid "QSOd this band/mode B4".
But I don't have this band in my BandPlan and I never have had a QSO with that station on that Band and Mode before (I never have had any QSOs on this Band).
See here, the Spot was for the station "EA6NB" on 5358.7 MHz:
Immagine incorporata

How is it possible that Logger32 mark that Spot as a valid "QSOd this band/mode B4"?
Thank you.
Fabio, IZ8MBW

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