Re: Macro $serialnum$

Gary Hinson



You can hard-code short-form reports as “5NN” or “ENN”, with serial numbers sent in full or short. 


$SentRSTn$ sends 9s as Ns.


In the CW Machine, choose how to send zeroes under the config menu:



And you can elect to send or drop the leading zeroes under Serial # setup (right-click the serial number panel at the bottom of Logger32’s main window):



[Side note: contest rules may specify the minimum number of digits … but such rules are widely ignored and rarely if ever enforced].


There are config options to “Cut” 0 and/or 9 in Winkeyer too, if the Winkeyer is generating your serial numbers:



Finally, there’s the question of how to log reports and serials received: should we log “ENNTTE”, for instance, or “599 005”, or “5995” or … what?  The answer depends on the contest rules and your personal preference, and that uncertainty is a factor in the contest adjudication software that may or may not understand and permit/penalize the different approaches to sending, receiving and logging.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Macro $serialnum$


I don't think there's an option to send A for 1. I think $sentrstn$ converts 9 to N (not T). There are options to send 0, T, or O for a zero. SeventyThree(s).

On 02/22/2021 11:40 AM Matthias Bellmann <dk4wd@...> wrote:



How can i  send "A" instead of 1, "N" instead of 9 or "T" instead of 0?

$sentrstn$ gives T for 9 e.g.

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