Re: Starting JTDX with JTAlert in UDP bandmap does not work



If use both JTDX and JTAlert then read manual carefully.

Short answer: You can not use UDP BandMap if you use JTAlert.


On 2021/02/22 22:29, Joseph LaFerla wrote:
I am trying to start JTDX as an autostart from JTAlert from a shortcut in the UDP Bandmap.  While JTAlert opens correctly, it does not seem to be "JTDX aware". because, after choosing to start JTDX instead of WSJT, I get a window saying "Waiting for JTDX to start" and I have to cancel out of that.  If I choose to start WSJT instead, WSJT opens up apparently correctly.

Starting JTAlert separately, i.e from the same shortcut but outside of the UDP bandmap, JTDX starts correctly. 

Am I missing something, probably something obvious?!

Thanks in advance.


aki JA1NLX

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