Re: Logbook Page Columns


You were probably sorting the logbook by/with the column you hid. You will notice (when things are working as expected) that one of the column headers. This is how the logbook page is sorted. Typically the Date column is the column to sort by (unless your looking for something specific). Have you tried clicking on the DATE column header to sort the logbook correctly. SeventyThree(s).

On 02/21/2021 2:11 PM ai3h@... wrote:
Hi, In the Logbook page I was moving some columns around, which worked fine, but when I tried to hide one column in the Logbook Page Window, by deselecting the Column is Visible box, my whole log disappeared and a new completely empty Logbook page appeared.  I deselected the User 1 column, which was empty to begin with.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to recover my logbook?

Mike, AI3H

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